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Internet Explorer 8, the most recent version of Internet Explorer, focuses on user interface in a way that past versions of Internet Explorer have not. In many ways a response to modern browser competitors such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari, Internet Explorer 8 focuses on ease of use for the end-user.

Some of the newer features in Internet Explorer 8 include Web Slices, Accelerators, Private browsing, and tab sandboxing (in other words, when a tab crashes, Internet Explorer will simply close the offending tab rather than the entire browser).
Web Slices allows users to save “snippets” of webpages for reference later – an ideal feature for students and researchers who need to gather references and citations from the web. Private browsing, first available in Google Chrome, allows individuals to browse the web without any information being saved to one’s computer.
Accelerators lets users set up shortcuts for repetitive behaviors. For example, users can set up accelerator tasks for behaviors such as sending links to blogs, finding driving directions, or sending items to e-mail.

Internet Explorer 8 also increases the compatibility with CSS3 and HTML5 web standards, enabling users to access more feature-rich sites than before. As more and more websites use modern web standards such as CSS3 and HTML5, this increases the usability of Internet Explorer 8.

The security features in Internet Explorer 8 have also been increased. For example the browser warns you when you are visiting unsafe sites and protects users against spoofing. For users of Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8 is worth the upgrade for the usability improvements, increased security, and timesaving features.

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